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The Painter of Time


Paperback, eBook, & Audiobook Available now!

Spirit of the Fox


"Spirit of the Fox is thrilling, captivating and will take your breath away." - Chicago Tribune 

Chicago Tribune Interview

"Spirit of the Fox is brilliant. It takes you on a mysterious journey that is simply captivating." - The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun Interview

"Spirit of the Fox will take you on an incredible journey that you will never forget…" - Daily Press 

Daily Press Interview

Paperback & eBook, & Audiobook Available now!

The Painter of Time


"Bestselling author Matthew O'Connell has created a true literary masterpiece with his novel 'The Painter of Time.." - Orlando Sentinel 

Orlando Sentinel Interview

"Matthew O'Connell has done it again - He's created a world that readers will want to dive into and never leave." - Capital Gazette

Capital Gazette Interview

Paperback, eBook, & Audiobook Available now!

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