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She’s lost her mother and her memory. And if she fails to escape… she’ll lose herself.

Spirit of the Fox

Spirit of the Fox

Meiko Wright wants nothing to do with the mother who abandoned her nine years ago. Spending a year in Tokyo, where her mother lives, won’t change that fact. But when she takes a nasty fall in a Shinto temple, she wakes with no memory of her mother… or anything of her past life. Without any idea who she is, she must rely on the kindness of a local priest who offers to help her as best he can. When the amnesiac Meiko wakes with a strange suspicion that something isn't right, she vows to escape from a bond she doesn't truly understand.


After years apart, Meiko’s mother Chieko is determined to make up for lost time. But when her daughter mysteriously disappears, Chieko promises she won't lose her again. Along the trail of clues, the detectives working Meiko’s case discover a pair of suicides linked by a strange seductress and matching fox tattoos. Afraid her daughter may be next, Chieko visits a local shaman who tells her dark spirits could make her attempt for a rescue impossible.


With time running out, Meiko and her family must uncover the mystery of her mental captivity before she loses herself and her only way home forever.


Spirit of the Fox is a cerebral mystery novel. If you like Japanese culture, riveting suspense, and the power of family, then you’ll love Matthew O’Connell’s intersection of science, spirituality, and folklore.


Buy Spirit of the Fox to puzzle out a mind-bending mystery steeped in Japanese folklore today!


Paperback, eBook & Audiobook available!!!

The Painter of Time

Paperback, eBook & Audiobook available!!!

The Painter of Time


Mackenzie Ferrara is excited to begin her new career as a restorer of fine art at the prestigious Cloisters in New York City.   The star of the restoration team is a handsome Italian named Anthony Bataglia, world renowned for his ability to bring pre-Renaissance treasures back to life.   Despite a rocky start, the two form a close working relationship, which Mackenzie hopes will blossom into something more.  But the more she works with him the more she notices peculiar patterns and unexplainable similarities in all of his restorations.  Is Anthony really who he claims to be?  Too many strange coincidences lead Mackenzie and her father Joe, a retired detective, to think otherwise.  Something is clearly not what it seems to be with the dashing Mr. Bataglia and the resourceful Mackenzie is determined to get to the bottom of it.  What she finds is more incredible than she could ever imagine.   The Painter of Time explores the cost of pursuing fame and fortune at the expense of true art, while weaving its way between the dawn of the Renaissance and modern day New York.


In The Works...


Who doesn't love a good ghost story?  The challenge is writing one that is believable, engaging and at the same time scary.  I'm currently mapping out the framework for a novel that I hope will meet all of those needs.  It takes place in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  It's told in the first person (first time I've written in that voice), because I think ghost stories are more effective - and scary - when told through the lens of the main character.   I'm tentatively looking at a 2021 release date.  Will keep you updated.  

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